Brand Name
Branding + Business Development


25+ years of creatively connecting the dots (and pixels) between communication arts and bottom lines.
I sweat the details... all of them.

« Neil is my creative genius. He's also a pain in my a$$ – He left not once, but twice in 9 years. »
I had to bring him back.

Dan Borislow
Inventor + Founder // magicJack, Tel-Save (AOL Long Distance)

« He gets between the mind of the consumer and the identity of product and gives you the lowest common denominator between the two, and that... is your brand. »

« Forget what you thought you needed,
Neil will bring out what is actually missing. And if you’ve heard 'that idea' before, his spin is unique and more in-depth. He is self-motivated, adaptive and beyond capable. A true creative with a focus on business development, Neil is an EVP level asset and his best work is still ahead of him. »

The devil is in the details, let's get that muthatrucka' out of there.


And stop the balm –
that's what I'm here for.